Special Events

Our Special Events offer an in-depth exploration of a emergent gender-based violence topic.

This collection of Learning Network resources is designed to synthesize and disseminate knowledge on topics related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV). These resources provide foundational GBV knowledge including commonly used language, important gaps and emerging issues, recent research, and important educational tools and resources.

All original materials produced by the Learning Network are open-access and can be re-used and re-distributed as long as there is proper recognition of the author and/or Learning Network.

The Journey to Ottawa: Understanding and Transforming Publication Ban Law (2024)

Presented by: Morrell Andrews and Carrie Low

Carrie Low (Nova Scotia) and Morrell Andrews (British Columbia) were both subjected to unwanted publication bans after reporting sexual assault. After removing their bans, they helped form My Voice, My Choice, an advocacy group of victim-complainants that lobbied the federal government to amend section 486.4 of the Criminal Code of Canada. This event takes you through their journey to national change, provides you with a more comprehensive understanding of the law on publication bans, and leaves you feeling equipped to advocate for legislative change and support progress to improve the way that publication bans are used in the criminal legal system.

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Keira’s Legacy of Hope: Judicial Training on Family Violence (2023)

Presented by: Jennifer Kagan, Pamela Cross, and Archana Medhekar

In this Special Event, panelists discuss the necessity of Keira’s Law given the gap in judicial education and knowledge about family violence and coercive control. Panelists also share more about what the law seeks to do and current realities of judge training in Canada. Finally, panelists share their hopes and wishes for the enactment of the law with the goal to protect more children in the future.

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Lessons Learned from the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty: Reflections from the Commission and Community (2023)

Presented by: Emma Cunliffe, Serwaah Frimpong, and Kristina Fifield

In this event, panelists from the Mass Casualty Commission and community in Nova Scotia come together to discuss the contributing and contextual factors, including the role of gender-based violence, to mass casualty events. They offer recommendations for prevention and effective intervention to support public safety and community well-being.

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Considerations for Meaningful Collaboration: A Conversation with Indigenous Elders (2023)

Presented by: Elder Norma Jacobs, Elder Naulaq LeDrew, Elder Gloria Thomson

This Special Event invites individuals and organizations to learn from Indigenous Elders on building meaningful collaboration in a respectful and culturally-informed manner to support efforts to end gender-based violence. Elders will provide guidance on their roles relevant to their communities including their responsibilities to share and protect Indigenous ways of knowing.  

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Lessons from a Rural Inquest: Taking Action to Support the Recommendations from the Renfrew County Inquest (2022)

Presented by: Pamela Cross, Erin Lee, Kirsten Mercer, and Prabhu Rajan

Through the lens of the panelists – all of whom played key roles in the inquest – this special online event will explore some of the key moments in the proceedings, with a focus on the recommendations and what all of us can do to advocate for their implementation. 

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