Responding to Nonconsensual Intimate Image Distribution in Canada

Nonconsensual intimate image distribution is a criminal offence in Canada. While some have treated criminalization of this act as proof that this issue is now adequately addressed, many victims of this act are looking for more expedient and informal options for responding to this harm.

In this presentation, Dr. Alexa Dodge discusses some of the options and opportunities for responding to nonconsensual intimate image distribution outside of the criminal law.

Live Recording

Click here to read the Deleting Digital Harm: A Review of Nova Scotia’s CyberScan Unit report mentioned in the Live.


Alexa-Dodge-Live.pngDr. Alexa Dodge is the Hill Postdoctoral Fellow in Law, Justice, & Society at Dalhousie University. Her current project is a review of Nova Scotia’s CyberScan unit and other non-criminal responses to cyberbullying and nonconsensual intimate image distribution. She has published on topics such as: the digital distribution of images of sexual violence, police responses to nonconsensual intimate image distribution among youth, and sex positive/negative judicial responses to cases of nonconsensual intimate image distribution.