5 Tips to Support Inclusion of 2SLGBTQI+ Seniors

Presented by: leZlie lee kam
This Facebook Live was presented and recorded on October 27, 2022.

This Facebook Live recording focuses on promoting inclusion of 2SLGBTQI+ seniors in the gender-based violence sector and allied sectors. It discusses the Supporting 2SLGBTQI+ Seniors Tool Kit: Leading & Learning with Pride by the City of Toronto.


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Presented by: leZlie lee kam


I am a world majority, Brown, Carib, trini, Indo, Chinese, callaloo, differently-abled, queer Jurassic and Bionic DYKE, Elder/Senior.

I sit on the city of Toronto 2S-LGBTQI+ community advisory board, the board of Pride Toronto, the Care team of Bricks and Glitter, the Toronto Senior Pride Network, the board of ODLAN (Ontario Digital Literacy Access Network), volunteer trainer with The 519, the Liaison Committee of the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, the VHA (Visiting Homemaker’s Association) Pride Working Group, Sinai Health System “Pride is good for your health” committee, Program Co-ordinator/co-facilitator for the Youth/Elders Project of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, a volunteer at Bridgepoint Active Healthcare rehab hospital, a member of True Davidson Acres LTC GSA (gender sexuality alliance), the city of Toronto SSLTC Working Group - developed “Leading and Learning with Pride - A Tool Kit to Support 2SLGBTQI+ SENIORS” (launched June 24/2022), and a co-author of the 2SLGBTQI Best Practice Guidelines of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

Humbled and privileged recipient of the 2019 Inspire Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2021 Community One Foundation Steinert & Ferreiro Award, and the 2022 Jill Andrew (NDP - MPP, Ontario) Community Hero Award. Featured in the videos “Out At Home” and “The Journey of My Strong Brown Trini Carib Callaloo Dyke Body.” Published in the anthologies Marvellous Grounds and Any Other Way. Honoured DYKE Ambassador and Queer Senior Ambassador – Pride Toronto 2022.

I am an educator, accessibility/accommodation consultant, storyteller, sometime actor, and a respectful troublemaker, disruptor, infiltrator, and agitator.

I live and work from an anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-colonial, intergenerational, and intersectional perspective. I advocate for Two Spirit, Indigenous, queer, and transgender seniors and youth of colour. I enjoy doubles, dancing, dim sum, a cold beverage, and a “trini lime” anytime.

Website: lezlieoutofthecloset.com